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gig listings

Your guide to all the best music gigs from Northern Ireland. If you have a gig you would like us to list here please send the details to:

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Wed 20 February

  • Mob Wife, A Bad Cavalier, Hand Models – McHugh’s, Belfast
  • Travis is a Tourist, Brien – Filthy McNastys, Belfast

Thurs 21 February

  • Output Belfast

Fri 22 February

  • Donal Scullion – Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast
  • Gin Palace, Afterlight, Paul & The Meanie, Like a Hawk – Empire Music Hall, Belfast
  • Musicians Against Homelessness: Blackout Season, Red House, SX-70, Baroda, I Am Muir – Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast
  • Jan Doyle Band, Gross Net, Ruth Bate, Die Hexen – The 343, Belfast
  • Young Blood – Future Sounds – Various venues, Strabane

Sat 23 February

  • Last Call#5: Junior Johnson, Ian Mac Aodha, Kippysmuse, Paul Bones – The American Bar, Belfast
  • Borders: Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail, ROE, Conor Mason, Aul Boy – Guildhall, Derry
  • Cherym, Alder, James Anderson – Top of the Town, Omagh
  • Young Blood – Future Sounds – Various venues, Strabane

Thurs 28 February

  • Kneecap, JyellowL, Dirty Faces – Empire Music Hall, Belfast
  • The Mannerly Hoods, DYAD, Psyphony – McHugh’s, Belfast

Fri 1 March

  • The Rising, Mary McGrath – The Barge, Belfast

Sat 2 March

  • Pretty Cartel, Helter Skelter, Buffalo Bay, Gin Palace – The Palm House, Belfast

Sun 3 March

  • Cruiser, Buí, Myles McCormack

Tues 5 March

  • Rebekah Fitch – The MAC, Belfast

Fri 8 March

  • Pocket Billiards (album launch). United Bottles, The Skallions, Tonic All-Stars – Empire Music Hall, Belfast

Thurs 21 March

  • Touts, Inhaler – Voodoo, Belfast

Thurs 4 April

  • GIFTED: ROE, Munky, Susie Blue, Alice La – Empire Music Hall, Belfast