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Aislinn Logan – Look, I’m Flyin’

by / August 11, 2020

On her first EP release following a string of singles, Aislinn Logan is, in her own words, having fun and being silly in places.

Look, I’m Flyin’ is a collection of catchy, serotonin-boosting dream pop and intimate social commentary. “[The title is] a nod to that feeling you had as a kid when you were learning to do something and it’s trial and error, like riding your bike without your stabilisers,” she tells Hot Press, “Like ‘look, I did it!’, and you can too.”

The now London-based musician makes trip-hop-infused swirling synth bops with sparse beats and echoic vocal delivery, never losing her Belfast twang. ‘What Everybody’s After’, the opening track of Logan’s extended play and original single release from 2019, is a perfect slice of shimmering bedroom pop and an unabashed celebration of queer love. Logan doesn’t shy away from her emotions, delivering the line, “She never makes me feel like I’m not in love” with enchanting effortlessness.

The gorgeous falsetto and pulsating bass à la Beauty Sleep permeates the EP and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Grimes or The xx release. Look, I’m Flyin’ closes with a rendition of The Undertones’ punk anthem ‘Teenage Kicks’, putting a dazed, poppy spin on one of the North’s most iconic tracks. Logan incorporates her own lyrics into the verses, adding a hint of grit to her brand of dream pop in declaring that “back in Belfast / the world is bleak”.

Her balance of poignancy and light-heartedness is testament to her prowess as a songwriter. Logan’s conversational approach to songwriting tackles the societal issues of her home province whilst remaining delightfully danceable. Look, I’m Flyin’ confronts loss, self-doubt and finding solace in the best way possible.

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