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False Friends – A Great Day For The Parish

by / May 7, 2020

The opening bars of ‘God on a Hill’, first track from False Friend’s EP ‘A Great Day for the Parish’, let rip, delivering an infectious blend of indie, synthesizer, pop filled guitar tunes and that, all in, is a perfect combination.

In a world sometimes awash with melancholy singer/ songwriters, this band, hailing originally from Northern Ireland but now plying their trade in the hotbed of Glasgow’s music scene are, in a nutshell, a breath of fresh air.

With more than a feel of North American college-esque sunshine tunes infused with a pumped up Frightened Rabbit they write tunes which will, no doubt, demand full crowd sing-alongs. The beauty of the tunes on this EP are that they will appeal to people who enjoy different genres to their music.

I endeavour to find obscure bands that give the impression they have influenced the music I review, and I’ve managed to do this with False Friends. If you take the time and go listen to Canadian indie popsters The New Pornographers, you will not fail to marvel at the vocals of the supremely talented Neko Case and how she weaves her voice with that of lead singer Carl Newman. Anna Doddy does a Neko Case on this EP and blends her vocals in a very similar style with front man Jonny Kirwin.

It is poetry and it works. That is as simple an explanation as is required for this band.

Add Fearghal McMahon’s powerful guitar, Callum Little and Corrie McCusker’s rhythm to this mix and you get indie power pop anthems with a meaningful lyrical twist.

The stand out track for me on the EP is ‘Can’t Breathe’. It has a feeling that at any point it may explode, but just manages somehow throughout, to contain itself. Turn it up to 11 and enjoy it folks!

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