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Parapa Palace – Subterrane

by / August 30, 2017

Parapa Palace - Subterrane EP

Recorded in Belfast’s Half Bap Studios, ‘Subterrane’ is the sophomore EP from County Down quartet Parapa Palace.

Kicking things off we have lead single ‘Before the Dark Times’, a dark and gloomy track complete with spoken word verse and stand-out vocals. No complicated chord structures, it’s a straight forward indie hit – thrashy, stompty and best listened to with the volume turned up loud. It’s previously been selected as ATL’s track of the day and understandably too.

Up next, we have in my opinion, the catchiest track of the three – ‘Fistful of Laurels’. It’s definitely one worthy of a singalong. Percussion stands out here for me it’s energetic and fast. Pair that with no nonsense riffs and lyrics you’ll pick up in no time (or the backing vocals at least!) and we have a banger.

Closing on ‘Gumshoe’, with an impressive guitar solo half way through we see how polished and refined these guys really are. A perfect way to end the EP, with a track that displays their talent and passion for music. They’ve got a distinctive sound that fans of the Strokes and Pixies will love and you just know these guy’s love what they do – Keep an eye out for their next gig, it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

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