Part Time Pilots

Part Time Pilots – How To Ruin Everything

by / July 16, 2017

part time pilots how to ruin everything

Okay, you know that perfect summer road trip rock mixed tape [cd, playlist, whatever; same diff, right]? The one that’s got a little bit of everything? Well, this record mimics that all on one album. Record in question, How to Ruin Everything by Part Time Pilots.

This genre-hopping tour of rock delves into the lure and dangers of temptation. These tales narrated through signature metal growls and wails. String-straining high notes and rapid-fire guitar and drum riffs. A symphonic sampling of styles sure to please rock lovers across the board.

‘Rattle and Roll’ relies on a southern twang reminiscent of classic rockers Pantera or Molly Hatchet. ‘Workhorse’ flourishes through thrash metal sensibilities as speedy guitar riffs punctuate each string of lyrics while ‘RGB’ showcases the provocative slow burn of heavy blues rock.

‘Permission to Die’ cools things way down after all that head-banging prior to, reining in those metal speeds and tempos in favour of a more traditional alt rock beat and vocal delivery. Potent in lyric and volume and expertly produced, How to Ruin Everything is an album rock lovers can rejoice over.

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