Quiet Arch founder Lyndon Stephens has passed away

by / January 11, 2020

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Quiet Arch founder Lyndon Stephens yesterday morning.

Lyndon was a giant of music in Belfast and beyond, with a legacy that stretched far beyond the recent years of Quiet Arch. He built up the label into the most influential in Northern Ireland, as evidenced in the most obvious terms by the number of Northern Ireland Music Prize winning albums and artists from the label over the last few years. From the colourful folk of Joshua Burnside, to Ciaran Lavery’s incredible songwriting to the electronic explorations of Ryan Vail, the label produced diverse music of the highest quality. Through Quiet Arch, and management arm Champion Sound, Lyndon supported artists from Northern Ireland, advising and developing them into artists with an international following. His determination, talent and extensive knowledge were available to anyone who sought it.

Lyndon was given a massive send off last night with the Goodbye Quiet Arch gig, as friends, family and fans gathered to celebrate him and the artists he’s fostered. Many have shared stories about Lyndon’s friendship and influence over the past 24 hours that give further insight into the man behind the label’s successes.

The thoughts of the whole Chordblossom team are with Lyndon’s family, friends and the Quiet Arch team. His passing is a massive loss to the music community in Northern Ireland.

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