Stream: Strength N.I.A – Margaret

by / March 14, 2019

With ‘Margaret‘, Strength N.I.A comes back once again with a song as captivating in its lyrics as it is in the musical style. After all, who else would ever consider mixing the organ with scratchy beat music?

In ‘Margaret’, frontman Rory Moore has written a song about his ancestors. His great great great grandfather was author and statesman Edward Hay, but very little was found about his wife.

“The song’s title is an ode to my great great great grandfather’s life and highlights patriarchal dominance throughout Irish history.

But what about the wholly underestimated Irish woman that never got a mention? That’s true, that’s true, we gotta sort that one right through.”

As always with this Derry band, you have to think outside of the box musically. ‘Margaret’ is a surprising tune that stays with you, shifting between the rough and the retro. The assertive and provocative voice of the singer mixed with the meaningful lyrics that turn into an earworm make the song yet another brilliant piece. Listen without moderation but be made aware, that this is quite addictive.

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