Stream: Vokxen – Revolution

by / July 7, 2019

Single-handedly making the 80’s cool again is no small task, but someone has to do it. Luckily for us, three-piece tour-de-force Voxken have emerged from the synth-drenched shadows to assume the mantle once again. Their latest single, ‘Revolution’, is a battle cry swamped in starlight melodies and a defiant message: Take what you deserve and don’t be stopped.

Dark rhythms bound forward from the get-go, cut fine by the crystalline electronic echo of the vocals that have become the unique calling card of the trio. Keys and synth are tinged with drama and calls to action, securing the track between the spheres of ‘inspirational movie training montage mix’ and ‘frenzied late night, hands-above-your-head dance floor filler.’ A gorgeous mix of both contemporary dance music as well as nostalgic influences, lyrics and harmonies, Vokxen walk the fine line between indulgent and excessive with an expert’s grace.

This has long been their calling card, after all, to be able to tap into the free-flowing, careless, voracious nature of the beloved past of their genre without straying from their own path, and this track is no different. Magnanimously cheesy, but with the fat trimmed off, ‘Revolution’ falls in line as another of their entirely enthralling tracks, bridging the difficult gap of creating electronic driven music and having lyrics that you genuinely listen out for.

To not enjoy seems criminal, as Vokxen has once again crafted a tune that you can’t help but dive headfirst into. Hedonistic, joyful and quite simply fun, grab this track while it’s hot.

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