Watch: A Plastic Rose – The Last Revolution

by / October 23, 2017

After a lengthy hiatus, A Plastic Rose release an official video for ‘The Last Revolution’, taken from their second full-length album Flickering Light of an Inner War.

Ahead of their headline appearance at Spectrum Festival on Thursday 26th October with support from a host of special guests, this is a welcome resurgence of one of Northern Ireland’s most beloved musical ensembles. The video is shot by Matthew Alexander Patton, Belfast’s putative experimental film maker known for his David Lynch visual style, and for his longstanding relationship with A Plastic Rose having also shot their music video for ‘Kids Don’t Behave Like This’, among a wide range of live photography over the past ten years.

The new video features Patton’s distinct style, aesthetically magnifying the fun and exciting energy associated with the music. Famously dualistic front-entity Gerry Norman and Ian McHugh share the microphone, further elaborating upon their redefined Lennon-McCartney dynamic. Its erratic style and one-shot nature convey a natural authenticity, acting in such a way to present the video as a close representation of the real live experience as possible — especially the visual obstruction as coincidental with the dynamic shifts of the song.

With this video, we are provided with a gentle reminder that A Plastic Rose remain at the heart of Belfast’s cultural consciousness, and that we should look forward to what they might offer over the coming months.

Spectrum Festival 2017 Poster

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