Watch: Sister Ghost – Backwards

by / February 7, 2019

The return of post-punk rocker Sister Ghost proves to be just as fierce as her previous releases, except now with there is a sharper, tighter sound that only emphasises her larger than life spirit. A demanding track that you can’t help swinging your hair to, it’s tenacious spirit is an experience in itself. The fact that it’s musically captivating is a nice bonus.

A heavy emo/punk riff opens ‘Backwards’ before the grungy, ethereal vocals of frontwoman Shannon O’Neill take over. It is her vocal performance that has helped establish her as one of the scenes most beloved and exhilarating acts. They have a dramatic flair to them that is the perfect accompaniment to the punk rock fire and built-for-radio sensibilities of Backwards. Provocative, unrepentant and magnetic in its force, Backwards is the song you listen to just before your championship bout.

Lyrically, Backwards is a song dripping in frustration and indignation. “Bending over backwards for you…” howls O’Neill on the addictive chorus, which is propelled further by a medley of malicious distortion and thick, goosebump-inducing chords. There’s an undisguised anger, a directed ingrained fury that drives this number to exhilarating heights. A scorching release from the punk rocker, who starts 2019 off with a bang.

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