Aislinn Logan – Lost or Gone

by / September 19, 2016

Aislinn Logan Lost or Gone

Already achieving acclaim, Aislinn Logan encapsulates the quintessential earthy and ethereal qualities of traditional Irish folk music and wraps it up in the kind of trance inducing rhythm that is so popular right now. Akin to the likes of Maria Mena, Laura Marling, Lorde and in spots Sia, Aislinn Logan is a rising star with unfathomable talent yet to be unleashed. Belfast born the, now, East London resident demonstrates uncapped versatility with her debut EP ‘Lost or Gone’, showcasing her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, song-writer and vocalist.

‘Lost or Gone’ is one of the most relaxed EP’s I have heard in a while, easy listening and raw, organic and emotive throughout, it does still manage to pack a punch. Logan has beautifully combined elements that define the music of her homeland with more urban, modern – to create something so unique.

Although it is easy enough to place Logan amidst chart climbers and female powerhouses such as Florence Welch or Lorde she is defiant in creating something so unique which sets her outside any comparison.

There is something bewitching in each track, opening with the beautiful ‘Wild’ the essence of the EP and, Logan’s style seems to be captured completely within this single track and, as the EP meanders delicately on into ‘Iron Wax’ we get a glimpse of her lyrical ingenuity.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Lost and Gone’ from start to finish. A genuinely easy listen that idles in the background but leaves a rather lasting mark. Each of the four tracks stand out, in isolation each track is emotive and evocative, truly entrancing and possessed of such a raw ingenuity of skill that it’s hard to believe that this is merely Logan’s debut EP. Together the four tracks are mind blowing. Until you listen to ‘Lost or Gone’ you cannot contemplate the subtle brilliance of Logan’s music or its addictive qualities that will keep the EP on loop for hours on end.

Coming into her own in an industry finally making room and acknowledging talents such as Logan’s you already know that she is going to go places. Logan has honed her craft to a fine point but I have an inkling that we have only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to come from this multi-instrumentalist.

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