Chris Keys – New Day

by / December 12, 2012

Chris Keys‘ Latest EP ‘New Day’, comes loaded with a generous 6 tracks, all of which showcase his exceptional talents. This is a beautiful sounding EP with brilliantly crafted songs. It’s the kind of music that provides a soundtrack to relax by on a Sunday afternoon. The instrumentation is simple but effective making it attractive to the ears. The songs, armed with their steady bass lines and vocal harmonies, have the potential to alter your mood; which surely every songwriter strives to do.

‘City Lights’ is a tender song with a folksy, bluesy feel to it, sparking off memories of John Mayer’s ‘Stop This Train’. As with many of the tracks, it is arranged beautifully. Each instrument is delicately placed in layers, as if he were concocting a melody cake. The vocals are silky and pleasant to listen to, especially when peppered with hints of Chris’ local accent. The track ‘Daydreams’ made me wonder if this guy was from California; It has that American feel to it. It conjures up images of strolling in the sun admiring beautiful scenery. After some research, I found out that Chris is a keen surfer; suddenly it all makes sense!

The title track is uplifting and carries on the constant torch of being very descriptive and always painting a big picture. If you enjoy songs that are derived from real life stories and glittered in honesty – then this EP should be on your shopping list.

STANDOUT ⁞ City Lights 
CONNECTION ⁞ John Mayer | Joshua Radin 

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