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Salad Boyz – Silly Guys Having a Fun Time

by / May 24, 2017

salad boyz silly guys having a fun time

Silly Guys Having a Fun Time, the new EP by Belfast pop-punk foursome, Salad Boyz is a salad bar sampling of punk stylings; grunge, pop punk, hardcore, and more traditional old school sounds ala Ramones, Social Distortion, and a wee bit of the Pogues. In fact, they’d fit in rather nicely amongst the aforementioned on a playlist.

You’re welcome.

These are comparisons, mind you, but where Salad Boyz differ is in the construction of song. Pert lyrics are woven dexterously throughout these differing yet akin styles. This is where the pop part of pop-punk comes in. More attention to detail in the melodic changes is given; whereas the punk part is in the hard driving exhilaration of vocal delivery.

‘Over’ opens with the spoken word poetry delivery of a Pogues song, then segues into their own signature Belfast grunge. It was ‘Kickz’ that reminded me of The Ramones.

It’s an interesting combination and it works. Bands like Salad Boyz are the epitome of the evolution of punk rock. Borrowing from the forbears of the genre while still adding their own voices and expressions into the mix, thus creating an explicit sound of their own. It is a fascinating thing to witness.

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