Saturday Night Gym Club – How To Build a Life Raft

by / December 12, 2012

Saturday Night Gym Club are four guys who met at university who, despite sharing differing musical outlooks banded together and combined their skills to craft a record that is nothing short of spectacular. Upon first listen it is impossible to comprehend that this is their first foray into musical production. These are no amateurs.

There have been favourable comparisons with the likes of Ladytron and Crystal Castles. With the opening track ‘I Know’ these comparisons are not without credence. The song is layered with dreamy ambience that dovetail with carefully structured sections throughout. The addition of the ethereal tones of Ellie Walker provide extra balance to an already wonderful song.

The pace of the EP rises and falls. It never becomes stale or complacent as some electro outfits are known to do. With ‘A Green Light’ fans of Passion Pit will be right at home with this cheery infectious electropop that could easily be at home at any nightclub. Title track ‘How To Build A Life Raft’ continues in a similar vain with strong vocals that work in sync with well manufactured beats that are rapidly becoming their signature sound. With ‘This One Will’ ft. Chagall we are treated to a song that has strong dubstep influences intertwined with violin arrangements that is nothing short of anthemic.

The musical diversity continues with the final track ‘Lituya Bay’, which has an unmistakable timeless quality about it. The violin and piano anchor the song that builds into a powerful crescendo with their signature beats spliced in with style and grace befitting of a waltz.

How To Build A Life Raft is a fantastic introduction to a group whose star can only rise. Appearances are planned throughout the year and with a full sized album also due out near the end of the year. This looks like a busy and hopefully a successful year for four guys who shared the same simple love of creating some amazing music. And you know what? I think they have already succeeded in that.

STANDOUT ⁞ Lituya 
CONNECTION ⁞ Ladyhawke | Crystal Castles 

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