ReChordblossom ⁞ #001 – Audiobooth

by / October 16, 2013


At Chordblossom, we often get music submissions that have been recorded on phones and other devices, badly. We have to tell most of these people that it would only hurt their name if we published these kinds of distorted/clipping/hissy recordings. It’s frustrating from our end because a lot of the time, the SONGS are good – it’s just the PRODUCTION of the song that lets everything else down.

The issue is that not everyone can afford to record in a proper studio or has the common day digital know-how of how to record themselves properly. It’s an issue that exists especially for most young musicians that simply don’t have the spare cash to pay for studio time or for their own studio equipment.

We want to try and help where possible, so we’ve started ‘ReChordblossom‘ – a programme where we’ll do our absolute best to team up with studios in order to facilitate the recording of £free songs where possible. Since Chordblossoms inception we’ve run into many producers who are incredibly into fostering the local scene alongside making their deserved cash; we’re hoping these guys and gals will get onboard with our idea and help us help the musicians and bands that need it.

To get started, we’ve pestered our friend Oran at Audiobooth to help us make our idea a reality, and being the gent that he is; he’s happy to help us get this off the ground.

We’ll be  running this competition for the next two weeks and the prize is simply the  recording a single song for free in Audiobooth – a recording studio based in the Nerve Centre, Derry.[separator]

ENTER THE COMPETITION by simply sending a rough recording/previous recording of the song you’d like to record/re-record to by Midnight on Wednesday 30th October. The winner will be chosen by Audiobooth and their decision is final. 

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