Daily Archives : April 8, 2020

john andrews music

Watch: The John Andrews Band – OMG

John Andrews is one to watch in Belfast and the release of debut single ‘OMG‘ is about to knock it out of the park as one of the best recent releases from the Northern Irish music scene. ‘OMG’ is one of those perfect…

April 8, 2020

Moira Calling - Arborist

Arborist – A Northern View

We live in a unique part of the world. Our views about what it means to live in Northern Ireland today are diverse and conflicted and torn. Arguably more so than ever post-Brexit. But still we love it, and know…

April 8, 2020

Alumna - Photo by Laura Craig

Premiere: Alumna – Peach

Rock quartet Alumna may be new but they’ve been growing in confidence since their inception, born from that growing incubator of talent Girls Rock School NI, last spring. After a number of live dates, the band headed into Start Together…

April 8, 2020