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Tamanna Khurana

Warriors Of The Dystotheque

Interview: Warriors Of The Dystotheque

For most musicians around the world this global pandemic and series of civil uprisings have halted their creative work, or at the very least completely changed its process. This is not the case for The Warriors of the Dystotheque. The…

July 7, 2020

Joel Harkin

Joel Harkin – Never Happy

It’s impossible to speak about Joel Harkin without mentioning how he’s become a central figure in the Belfast music scene. Prior to the lockdown he was featured on BBC Radio 1, nominated for a Northern Ireland Music Prize, hit multiple…

July 1, 2020

st. alban

St. Alban – St. Alban

Folk music is, and has always been, about collaboration. Whether it’s one artist building off the artists who have made an impression before them, or the unique shared stages at folk festivals around the world. That’s probably why St. Alban’s…

April 26, 2020