Influences Mixtape: Hello Casanova

by / May 1, 2018

Armagh’s Hello Casanova have been doing this for a good few years now, through name and line up changes, their music has taken them as far afield as L.A.. Pop punk and alternative rock are the order of the day, with fast guitars, dual vocals and big choruses the band’s forte. With renewed vigor, the band are unleashing a spate of new singles, with two recently released.

We asked the four-piece to give us a taste of their influences below. We’re also delighted to bring a premiere of their latest new single ‘Sha La La’. Give the track a first listen in the playlist below.



Green Day – Waiting

Ever since I was a kid, this has been the band that has influenced me to make music. ‘Waiting’ to me is one of the most underrated Green Day songs and one of my all time favourite tunes!

The Cure – Just Like Heaven

I got into The Cure in my late teens and this song is one of the most beautiful tunes I’ve ever heard! I relate to the lyrics a lot!


Pixies – Where is my Mind?

I was obsessed with fight club as a wein so I’d end up hearing this song about 3 times a week, it ended up inadvertently influencing my semi-grungey roots.

Daft Punk – Give Life Back to Music

I somehow managed to fall into listening to Daft Punk’s RAM album and was blown away! The absolute funk involved was mind-blowing and changed my playing from that point.


Tom Petty – Don’t Come Around Here No More

Always been inspired by Tom Petty and his outlook on life and just absolute tunes. Was fortunate enough to see him last year in London at British Summertime with Stevie Nicks. Really big fan of the supergroup which was The Travelling Wilburys too.

Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes

Grew up with Eagles albums always playing so naturally grew to love them. Best band with the greatest vocal harmonies ever. They’ve completely inspired me to try and work with harmonies in every possible way. One of my favourite bands for sure.


AC/DC – Back in Black

Back in Black is a simple song that hits hard every time. The riffs are infectious!

My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep

The dream-like nature of the song and the emotion it conveys captures me every time. The song has a sound that would be awesome to experiment with at some point.


Fighting With Wire – Didn’t Wanna Come Back Home

This song is in our opinion, one of the best Northern Irish tunes ever! It has a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days, the breakdown is sick and overall just a brilliant, brilliant tune!

A-Ha – Take On Me

We always put this tune on when drinking, we try to cover it at almost every practise too! It’s just a fantastic pop song and the 80s at its best!

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