Premiere: ROE – Cheek, Boy

by / March 10, 2017

Back in December we premiered the latest single from Derry artist ROE. The brilliant ‘Fake Ur Death‘ received support from the likes of Tom Robinson and Radio Foyle’s Electric Mainline, before taking her first steps outside the North West last month as part of Output Belfast. Fast forward a few months and we’re thrilled to premiere another brand new single called ‘Cheek, Boy’.

‘Fake Ur Death’ saw the debut of a new sound for the young songwriter, with slick production and added electronics on top of the natural base of ROE’s guitar and emotive vocals. ‘Cheek, Boy’ is another journey into that sound. ROE’s voice, embedded in a sea of swirling synths and shimmers, is the picture of control as it rises and falls, exploring personal relationships and getting away from things.

With a great chorus melody, impressive production and the springboard of her Derry-accented vocals, the 18 year old Roisin Donald is building up to her new EP nicely. Expect big things.

“The sheer fact that I’m a girl with seriously short ginger hair has taught me a lot about being self-conscious. I know that it’s something everybody goes through. ‘Cheek, Boy’ is about walking away from those lame ass people who pretend to care but in reality don’t really give a damn about what you have to say. It’s about being able to detach yourself from relying on what those people think of you and having the courage to speak your mind or do what YOU want to do. It’s important not to be the somebody that someone else wants you to be. And having the cheek to do that and be yourself is awesome.”


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