Premiere: Scenery – Old News EP

by / June 2, 2017

Hailing from Derry, Scenery have been steadily making a name for themselves over the past year or so but it’s about time they find themselves at the forefront of things. Their March single ‘Fool For You’ set their stall out, smooth and soulful; it was a big release. Now the band are bringing a whole new EP into the world with Old News, and we’re delighted to bring you the first listen.

From the opening riff of ‘Every Day Type of Guy’ to the suitably frenetic outro of ‘Mad Thing’, Old News rarely lets up. Sure, the band lay down some quieter moments such as on the ‘infatuation’ of lead single ‘Fool For You’ but the band’s big, confident sound is hard turn away from. Throughout the EP’s run-time the band throw a lot into the mix but the confident delivery and engaging production makes Old News an irresistible listen. A soul rock romp.

Vocalist Stephen Whiteman’s lyrics cover a range of topics. The positive message on ‘Every Day Type of Guy’ is about “coming out the other side of a rough patch of depression and finding acceptance.” ‘Try You Out’, with vocals that contain a hint of Paolo Nutini, treads toward meeting someone who’s already taken. Final track ‘Mad Thing’ utilises some local phrasing.

“Generally, it’s someone who doesn’t have that much respect for themselves or for others. Lyrically, it’s about not being able to be around someone like that. I’ve met a few of these people in my experience and I really believe that people like that need to learn to love themselves before anyone else can.”

“The title of the record, has a double meaning for us. The songs were written some time ago and we spent a lot of time in the studio to get it right. It’s fairly tongue-in-cheek because it’s a brand new release to everyone outside of the band.” says Stephen Whiteman.

Old News is released on 3rd June via Fictive Kin Records, with the band launching the EP in Playhouse, Derry on Saturday alongside Foreign Owl and The Midnight Preachers.

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