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Stream: Gas Hands – I’m Not In Love (With You)

by / April 14, 2020

I can’t help it, I’ve tried to ignore the vocal comparisons between Derry’s Dylan Bradley, the lead singer and guitarist in Gas Hands and the Geordie Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Brian Johnson, lead singer and songwriter with the legendary Australian band, AC/DC.

Listening to Gas Hands’ latest single ‘I’m Not In Love (With You)‘ for the 15th time today on loop, you’ll find yourself nodding your head back and forth to the strong beats of Derry-born, Michael Brown on drums. Bass support comes from the cross-band performer and Belfast rock socialite Nolan Donnelly, who you’ll recognise from the ranks of Mosmo Strange.

As is typical within the Northern Ireland music scene, musicians fluidly migrate between bands, as is the case with Dylan and Michael who until recently were in ‘Lost Avenue’ until they broke up nearly two years ago partnering up with Nolan to give the world ‘Gas Hands’.

The song kicks off with a killer riff from Dylan, quickly followed by drums and an undercurrent of bass, you’re then smacked in the ears by Dylan’s vocals. Having Dylan back out front doing what he does best is a gift to all us punk rock music fans, his voice is undeniable as it belts out lyric after lyric. ‘I’m Not In Love (With You)’ in Dylan’s own words “I guess it’s basically a non/love song. I think it’s pretty lyrically literal. It’s a song about liking someone, but not being in love with them. It’s more about not going there in the first place.”

Cutting short their UK tour to join us in our collective isolated statuses (COVID-19 Lockdown), Dylan is hard at work writing and looking forward to catching up with his fellow bandmates, finishing off the tour, and to get us all nodding, possibly thrashing our heads at a stage near you!

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