Stream: Sanchez. – L’amour Rouge

by / June 7, 2020

L’amour Rouge‘ is a lovely, simple, heartwarming acoustic feeling single, recently released by Lurgan born Oisin Mcgee who goes by the name Sanchez. (with backing vocals in this track by Kaitlyn Wachter). It’s the sort of tune you can happily tap your toe to while sitting on the beach at night by a log fire.

L’amour Rouge (which translates to red love) is about love lost, and the pain that we have all gone through at some point, that struggle to lick your wounds and move on, trying to look forward but catching yourself looking back and reminiscing about the good times.

Sanchez was formally the lead singer of ‘The Easy Street Pickings’ with influences from the likes of Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, to name but a few. Now living in South Korea, Sanchez. is currently putting his melodramatic songs of woe and misery to tape with Kindle Records.

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