Stream: Susie Blue – Be A Lady

by / April 3, 2017

Derry’s Susie Blue have gone through an evolution of late. Fronted by Susan Donaghy, they have transformed from a solo project into a full fledged band. That change has gone hand in hand with a change in tone, from the emotional and personal output of Donaghy to tackling bigger issues. New single ‘Be A Lady’ continues the trend.

On ‘Be A Lady’, Donaghy tackles gender stereotypes and says it’s okay to be different. Through the track’s alt rock guitar, synths and Donaghy’s penetrating vocals, they deal with presenting yourself how you choose. Susie Blue have taken on a mantle for social equality, diversity and acceptance with these last two singles.

‘Be A Lady’ may not hit as hard or as direct as ‘People Like Us’ but the musical change to a bigger, slicker alt rock sound alongside their keenness to explore wider issues suggest a real renaissance for the Donaghy-led four piece.

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