Watch: Fears – Two

by / June 4, 2020

Dealing in an intoxicating brand of experimental pop, London-based Irish artist Constance Keane, aka Fears has amassed a formidable underground discography over the past years. Returning now with Two, an audio-visual piece that commissioned as part of the Northern Ireland Mental Health Arts Festival, Fears continues her status as one of Irelands most fascinating musical minimalists.

A concept piece that centres around her recovery and life following a stint receiving inpatient treatment in a Dublin hospital, FEARS newest is deceptively warm, despite its ethereal isolation. Electronic pulses glide effortlessly over a bed of light keys and breathless vocals, building to a gentle, satisfying crescendo. The video, a series of footage cut from the two years following her discharge, provide visual cues and reference points along her journey to recovery. Another stellar release from Fears.

“Creativity was, and still is, such a huge part of recovery for me, so to be part of a festival showcasing the creativity of people with mental health issues is incredible. I think when it comes to budget cuts for the mental health sector, creative resources are too often the first to go, so it’s great to see a group celebrating the significance of being creative in maintaining positive mental health.” – Fears

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