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by / March 15, 2016


I was waiting for Lucy Rose in the Mandela Hall; watching her setting up the stage for the show alongside City and Colour. She was very hands on, putting up amplifiers and moving equipment on the stage herself. As she walked towards me I handed her a bag of her beloved marshmallows and her face brightened up.

“Thank you! How did you know?” she asked, “I am your ‘stalker’ “ I replied laughing and that broke the ice before our chat.

There is nothing cold about Rose’s appearance, as her gentle voice speaks through it seems that it has the same melodic,warm sound as the one from the two albums Like I Used To and Work It Out. She has visited Belfast last October and it didn’t take too long to get her back on the road with fresh energy and head full of new ideas.

Thank you for finding the time for a chat! You are only back from Dublin, are you feeling tired?

I feel ok, we slept in a nice travelodge (laugh) so I’m feeling good and ready.

How did you meet Dallas (from City and Colour)?

We met in America, we did a tour two years ago and we got along really well. We have had great time during that tour. I was actually really upset when we left so when I have seen him coming back to Europe I thought I would put myself forward for this. Luckily they choose me to join their tour, so we get to hang around together for a couple of weeks.

Do you still get nervous before the gigs?

Depends on how I feel that day – if I feel tired or awake, or how is my voice feeling – all those things combined can get me a nervous feeling before going on stage.

Is it true that you were supposed to be studying Geography instead of playing music?

Well, supposed to (laugh). I never wanted to go to the University, but I think I was the only girl from my year who didn’t go to Uni. It was a thing to do, as soon as you finish A Levels people would expect you to study further. When I said I would rather play music, people would ask if I’m crazy. I did actually get in [the University] and I could have done it, but I prefer to travel and play music.

The plan to travel is obviously working out – you are going to India soon!

Yes, my first time to India – I will play venue gigs in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. I feel very, very excited but also really nervous – I just think that I don’t have any fans in India and that’s what makes me worried, but yes -I am ready!

I believe you have also organised a trip to South America on your own initiative?

As I said; I do want to travel and I thought, since I am going to visit my fans and stay in their houses, maybe I should play some music while I’m there? The idea is that if my fan will find me a place to play; a local pub for example, that saves me a lot of hassle. I don’t want any money as long as I have a place to stay, I want the gigs to be free. The idea came from reading many tweets from my fans saying “you are my favourite artist, but I will never get a chance to see you playing”. Since we are so obsessed with touring around Europe and North America it would be good to visit a different continent and meet my fans there.

Are there any other places you would like to visit?

South America and India is happening, but I would also like to visit Japan and Australia.

With your career taking off it seems that the world is your oyster, are you planning any releases in 2016?

Not this year, I would like to write it and record it this year though. I’m pretty driven to touring as much as I can. That is the only thing I can rely on – I can’t rely on press, radio or TV. The only thing I can be fully involved in is going out there and playing gigs so people can say “Ohh I have never heard this person and I liked it”. This feel like the only thing I have control over.

With an ever growing fan base do you ever feel that the fame is affecting you?

Nothing has changed, I am so grateful that people come over to see me and decide to spend their evening seeing me playing, I can’t believe it!  That is crazy. You know, when you get a night in and you’re relaxing – especially since I travel so much – I can appreciate people going out of their comfy homes to watch us, that is insane.

Have you ever travelled a significant distance to see someone playing?

I did actually travel to Amsterdam to see M Ward, it was great.

When you get time off how do you use your holiday?

It doesn’t happen often so I don’t travel too much, I just stay at home, go for long walk – stuff like that, very boring (laugh).

What about writing new songs, did you start preparing for the new album?

Not now, actually, I have done some work for the new record, but at the moment I am going through the stage where I am reading a lot and soaking it up like a sponge, so hopefully when I get home I will have a song to release.

What author are you reading?

I am on the fourth book of Eleanor Ferrante, she has written Neapolitan Novels –  they are really good, I have read them all on this tour.

Can you give us an idea of what to expect from the new album?

Something completely different.

Oh, any new instruments?

I do try to write to drums and bass guitar, but drums are quite difficult.I bought a piano just after the first record and I think I need to go back to piano and guitar arrangements and build the songs around it.

As a travelling musician how do you feel about upcoming referendum about UK possibly leaving EU?

I think that would be a terrible decision to leave, I would hate not to be part of EU. Lots of my friends who are great creative people are from Belgium and Sweden and it just makes more sense to stay as a part of EU.

What is on the agenda for 2016 then?

We are playing four more shows as a part of this tour, then traveling to India and South America as I mentioned and festivals in the summer. I hope to start recording this Autumn.


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