Introducing #5 – Miccoli

by / November 19, 2012

▶ Tell us the interesting story behind the bands moniker.

Sorry! nothing interesting to tell here; it’s our surname (which is Italian).

▶ When did the band form and how long did it take to find the bands own sound? 

We formed in 2006 and we’ve been writing and playing since we can remember, many years spent playing gigs after gigs all over the place, being on the road, recording with different producers experiencing life in general, was kind of the process that we needed for us to experiment and form the Miccoli sound.

 What releases have you put out thus far, and which would be the one to listen to for the uninitiated?

Our first album was released in 2008 called “Writing on Grooves”, our new single “Idle Stranger” is definitely a good place to start. With the release of our second Album “Arrhythmia” later next year.

 Is there a particular live show that stands out amongst all the rest? 

It wasn’t the biggest show we’ve played but it was the most enjoyable… we played at an art gallery called ‘the red brick gallery’ in a town called Ventura about 1 hour outside of Los Angeles – small quiet town with some of the town folk present as we jammed away with other local musicians, late into the night, playing more jazzy versions of most of our songs.

 Can you talk about a Highlight and a Lowlight of the journey so far?

 There have be many ups and downs along the way, I guess the latest highlight was filming our new video “Idle Stranger” in Penang, Malaysia, such a beautiful and peaceful country, it was a privilege to be given the opportunity to shot out there. Low point having to load and unload then load and then unload the van with all our equipment whenever we are on the road gigging, the least favourite bit about being in a band and on the road.

 What does ‘success’ mean to the band?

 To be able to create and play music for the rest of our lives. Having our music be appreciated and mean something to others, to inspire, console or to simply be enjoyed.

 You are in control of forming a 4 piece ‘supergroup’ – who is in it and what do they do? 

Tough question as there are so many artists we admire, but if we had to choose it would probably be… Lindsey Buckingham on guitar / Stuart Copeland on drums / Flea on Bass and Freddie Mercury as lead singer.

▶ If you and 3 bands of your choosing were to do a world tour; who would the other 3 bands be? (Active or not) 

That’s easy, Fleetwood Mac, Police and Red Hot chilli peppers.

 What will be the 3 strangest things on your rider when you’re able to make any demand? 

A room for table football, Peroni beer on tap and a ice sculpture of the Venus De Milo.

 Finally, in a climate saturated with bands vying for listener attention; why should the good old folks at home listen to you guys? 

You definitely would be missing out if you didn’t listen.

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