Slacker Guide Book Launch – 7th May 2019

by / May 12, 2019

The good people of Ireland were out in force to welcome the return of Omagh native Phil Taggart to Belfast. The former Colenso Parade bassist and long time BBC Radio 1 DJ was in attendance for the launch of his debut literary endeavour, ‘Slacker Guide To The Music Industry. Featuring interviews with musicians such as Simon Neil, Charlie XCX and Run The Jewels, and excerpts written from musical minds such as Lyndon Stephens of Quiet Arch Records, the book promises to unravel some of the secrets of the music industry, as well as providing a step-by-step guide to playing Wembley Stadium.

A who’s-who of faces in the Irish DIY seen were in attendance, with members of Ferals and Molto Vivo roaming the crowd, while Son Of The Hound frontman Mick McCullagh did a rare night of honest work, assisting his former band mate in the running of the event. The launch was highlighted by two panels, one in which Taggart and book editor Steven Rainey convened to read an extract of the book, and another wherein Paul Connolly (The Wood Burning Savages) interviewed Taggart.

Fuelled by both the experiences of those he has encountered and his own, Taggart seeks to lay out a foundation in which novices can approach the music industry with some workable knowledge. Grimacing noticeably at applause that greeted his name, Taggart set about naming some of the tenets of his philosophy; investing in the youth, being someone you would like to represent yourself, and the importance of handwork and enthusiasm over relying on talent. Far from the be all end all of industry knowledge, there are few better places for an aspiring individual to start. A framework constructed using the expert advice of professionals, it’s a must read for any who consider themselves a part of the culture.

Phil Taggart’s ‘Slacker Guide To The Music Industry’ is available online and in-stores now.

Phil Taggart and Paul Connolly – Photo by Ben Magee

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