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Aidan Logan – Turbulence

by / October 18, 2017

Belfast song writer Aidan Logan made a name for himself last year when he was selected by Panarts Festival to spend time in Nashville singing and writing in some of the countries most iconic locations such as The Blue Bird Café. The result of the this trip is the eagerly anticipated second EP entitled ‘Turbulance’. This four track EP is a mix of high tempo tracks,  mellow riffs and emotional lyrics showing us that this artist is going from strength to strength.

From the very beginning it is clear that early influencers such as Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift still play a part in the sound.  Songs such as ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Higher’ have that real pop/ country feel to it which is proving to be an extremely popular genre in Northern Ireland recently. Aidan has found a way to appeal to fans of this genre yet put his own spin on it keeping it fresh and versatile.

Aidan’s phenomenal talent is clearly on show throughout each track. His ability to engage listeners not only comes from soft hypnotic melodies but also his fantastic song writing. A highlight in the EP comes in the song ‘Seems You Better Go’. The song has a beautifully slow guitar melody that conveys emotion by itself. This is then intensified when the vocals kick in and the lyrics make you stop and listen.  Fans of Glen Hansard will appreciate this song for its raw emotion and similar melody.

Throughout the EP Aidan’s country influence is definitely recognisable.  The ability to pen engaging songs that translate emotion and enables a listener to really invest in the song is something that few singer songwriters can fully accomplish.  However ‘Turbulence’ delivers all of  this and more reminding us that Aidan Logan is a name to watch out for.

Photo courtesy of Paul Killeen Photography.

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