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Orlaith & Mollie – Chains

by / January 16, 2018

orlaith & mollie chains ep

Frequently found busking around Belfast covering everyone from Abba to Zeppelin, Orlaith & Mollie are ready to move on to the next stage in their young careers. The duo have released their own radio-friendly, original material in their debut EP, Chains.

Interlaced in these shiny pop confections are two voices trained and familiar with one another creating synchronous harmonies. There’s the power of a full group packed into this charming duet.

‘Heart’ smacks of 80s bubble-gum pop. Uncomplicated structure, seamless execution, with earworm-worthy hooks, and a beat you can dance to. You’ll be singing the refrain for the rest of the day whether or no you want to. If you remember the 80s or are just fond of the music [and who isn’t?], this track will make you want to revisit your Kylie Minogue albums.

‘Twisted’ borrows again from the 80s pop palate, with cartoony bass riffs, fun melody, and comes across a bit like The Bangles. The surprise gem is ‘Take My Shot’ strutting in with honky-tonk blues riffs before transitioning into familiar pop signatures.

Chains’ straightforward execution paired with youthful exuberance delivers a fun selection of pure unadulterated pop grooves. And perhaps trigger a trip down musical memory lane.


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