The Dandy Horses – The Dandy Horses

by / March 25, 2013


Having been described as “a trio of energetic musicians from Belfast”, The Dandy Horses are a quaint little three piece made up of Joanne Cassidy, Noeleen Cosgrove and Sean Quinn who have been writing and performing all over Northern Ireland for three years now. With a style which is not exactly “all the rage” amongst the younger generation they blend traditional Irish folk and acoustic country perfectly, creating the most soothing, melodic sound, one which can only be described as pure bliss.

Their self-titled EP consisting of five original songs is one not to be overlooked. With Joanne Cassidy and Noleen Cosgrove taking a lead on vocals, it warms the heart to hear the sounds of the unusual mandolin, and bouzouki from Sean Quinn. The ladies are also responsible for the sounds of the whistle, flute, guitar and fiddle  giving us that familiar folk music vibe.

With a perfect balance of tempo, ranging from slow and peaceful to a more upbeat, toe-tapping sound, the EP is beautifully written with relatable and gentle lyrics. With the longest song on the EP lasting 5 minutes and 5 seconds, the lovely sounds of Lovesong Lullaby are just what you need when wanting to unwind. Whilst the contrasting attitude of Stone In My Shoe is the perfect post-breakup ‘up yours’ song done in the most elegant way.

STANDOUT ⁞ Dancing On My Own 
SOUNDS LIKE ⁞ The Corrs 

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