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Matthew Kirk

Based in the Belfast/North Down area, Matthew is an avid head-banger and is quite handy with a microphone. In April 2017, Matthew was named 'Radio DJ of the Year' at's National Student Media Awards (SMedias) - three cheers for heavy metal! For comments/opportunities, contact Matthew via his Facebook page.

mugged by a ghost

Stream: Mugged By A Ghost – Wasting Our 20s

With a name that describes one of the most terrifying – and perhaps bemusing experiences that could befell any poor haunted soul – Mugged By A Ghost are a band that you’re not likely to forget. What’s also not worth…

June 24, 2018

crypt of the riff poster - small

Bar Sub To Host Crypt of the Riff

2018 is currently shaping up to be a tantalising year for heavy metal festival-goers across the U.K. With line-ups for Download Festival and Bloodstock Open Air gradually taking shape, those from across the heavier side of the musical spectrum have…

February 20, 2018

no great loss band photo

No Great Loss – Eternal Sleep

Across the emerald isle, hardcore has undergone a renaissance. Local scenes from north and south of the border have become amass with a vibrant array of acts pumping out killer riffs and relentless basslines in abundance. Indeed, one such band…

December 5, 2017

Sonja Sleator

Sonja Sleator – Adams

Performances at Holywood Culture Night and across Ireland, as well providing support for local legend Kaz Hawkins at the EastSide Arts Festival, have helped to further establish Sonja Sleator as one of Northern Ireland’s most recognisable singer/songwriters. October 2017, however,…

November 1, 2017



Whatever perceptions of banjo-related music you have are swiftly about to change. Long associated with that “duelling” scene in Deliverance and perhaps every stereotype of country music imaginable, Belfast outfit RMCK’s self-titled E.P. beats those caricatures into a musical pulp…

September 11, 2017