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Stream: ABQ – Neon

by / April 26, 2020

“The sun will set/But I’ll see you by the streetlight”

ABQ (Albuquerque) have been making quare waves in the big smoke! Their home blend (“made in Ireland, based in London”) of melodic treble-rock and bombastic pop hooks has served fresh indie party tunes for a few years now, they seem to know what they’re doing.

‘Neon’ takes one catchy idea and runs with it; a hammered-on blissed-out pulled-off phrase no doubt crowds can “doo-doo-doo” along to, bringing a consistent choral element  (pop oriented rock does need to be persistent). Some melodic development or sonic experimentation would be welcome; perhaps contrasting phases to trigger more dynamic shifts of tone which, in turn, prompt replay value.

Nonetheless, ‘Neon’ manages to wrangle its way into your ears and out your whistles of the week ahead. Such a danceable track is a smart single choice; the potential shown here can only be explored on an album. Charlie Russell’s production lends a clean Nordic-pop sound which stands out. Honing their pop writing skills in London’s scene has rewarded ABQ with experience and a clear route to developing their sound. When you consider frontman Paul Shevlin’s influences (Imagine Dragons to Sigur Ros) this is an exciting prospect.

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