Mark Hegan

Stream: Mark Hegan – Love Wait For Me

by / April 24, 2020

“No I never wanted anything I could fit into my head”

Mark Hegan has a nice voice. It’s at the forefront of ‘Love, Wait for Me‘ for a reason. The single begins with a dreamy synth phrase that I would have liked to be a bit longer than four seconds, if only to give more impact to Hegen’s impassioned cries. The production is certainly professional; embellished reliably. I mean, overall the track has the hallmarks of effective pop songwriting;  the singer in some sort of turmoil with the personal details removed to leave a malleable lament that anyone can relate to and adapt the lyrics to their own struggle. About two thirds through we also have a few bars of a sweet tinkling instrumental and a wistful humming crescendo in place of belting the chorus (which of course happens immediately afterwards).

There are some tender turns of phrase, but the tone mostly stays the same throughout the song. Hegan starts pretty intense and seems at home round that range. While it is an invigorating tune, the most prevalent aspect of it is the potential for the future, for more interesting and varied passages that take us out of the comfort zone, that grow in different directions and, most of all, takes more risks. For now though, Hegan clearly knows his pop writing and his vocal chops will carry him far.

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