Stream: Tommy Jag – Level 1

by / October 23, 2019

One of the fresher sounds in Belfast and Northern Ireland at the moment is coming straight from the impressive guitar playing of Tommy Jag. The third release from a budding retro-inspired repertoire is ‘Level 1‘.

The man behind the Tommy Jag moniker cut his teeth in the likes of indie band Hurdles and more recently funk purveyors Tuskany. A regular sideman with chops for days, ‘Level 1’ like the singles before it allows him to cut loose. Once again Tommy Jag sets a mood. Funky riffs are dropped through a prism of eighties power-guitar and an ascendancy of night-time synth. It’s all instrumental but there’s plenty of expression.

One for the fans of retro sounds and slick guitar playing, Tommy Jag and ‘Level 1’ may sit in quite a niche, but it’s one worth checking out.

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