Alice LA - Flowers & Florentines

Watch: Alice La – Flowers & Florentines

by / May 17, 2019

An explosion of colour in an underground scene otherwise dominated by indie quartets, the electro-alt soul of Flowers & Florentines is a statement track from Irish singer Alice LA. Having long been one of the scenes better-kept secrets, LA’s latest is an arching, triumphant stampede of vibrant pulses and breath-taking vocals.

Lined with contemporary pop hall marks, from the upbeat keys and the electronic hype of the drum track, what sets it apart from the crowd is the alternative spirit that embodies much of Alice LA’s work. The mainstream appeal is apparent, but the carefree lyricism and kaleidoscopic waves give this tune its extra bite. There is an emotional depth here as well (“I’ll bring you Flowers & Florentines, because I miss you this much. And I haven’t seen you for such a long time…”), assisted by a neo-gospel fanfare that powers the addictive chorus, framed as it is with imagery that you can’t help but smile at.

Bright keys, delirious singing and vibrant energy are all essential components in what is Alice LA’s best track so far, a number that seems infinitely comfortable on either a festival stage or day time radio. Laden with potential, this is a can’t miss track.

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