Reevah Older Now

Watch: Reevah – Older Now

by / October 15, 2019

Derry artist Reevah’s song writing continues to mature with latest single ‘Older Now’.

Where once there were home-written, innocent songs with a beautiful voice, now there is a sense of progression, both personal and musically, that is reflected in the lyrics. Like ‘26’ before it, ‘Older Now’ is a personal look at the artist’s self, relationships, growth and aging.

Benefitting from a steady core of talented musicians, Reevah’s songs have blossomed both in live settings and more recently in studio on tracks like ‘Older Now’. There’s a definite country lilt that moves hand in hand with Reevah’s lush, sentimental vocals as slide guitar melts into rolling chords and rhythms.

The single comes with the promise of more music to come, in the form an EP next year. ‘Older Now’ is the latest leap forward for an artist who more than ever seems set on capturing an audience of new fans.

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