Kickstart 2013: Twenty Shortlisted Bands Announced

by / March 23, 2013


It’s been a really eventful day for us here at Chordblossom!

We want to congratulate the final 20 bands that made it through to the finals of our KICKSTART 2013 Competition. Voting will open on Monday, and you can already have a look at the finalists and listen to their submission by clicking the tab above ^ (or clicking

kickstart 2013 sponsors

To those of you who entered and didn’t get through, please don’t feel a single percent disheartened …. we were sent NOTHING that we didn’t either like or see potential in, so if nothing else (for now), thanks for exposing us to so many bands from Northern Ireland that we’d never heard of. We’ll be in touch with each and every one of you shortly.

Finally, instead of repeating ourselves in regards to the sponsors of this awesome competition – we decide to change our cover photo to reflect all these folks. Check them out, get in touch, use them – they are all on your doorstep after all!

An exhausted CB.

Chordblossom Kickstart 2013 shortlist poster

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