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by / February 4, 2013


When we launched Chordblossom (on February 1st 2012) we also announced details of a Competition. The competition was designed to give a band a ‘kick-start’ into the 2012 year. The eventual winner, SOAK, has gone on to become one of the most promising musicians in Northern Ireland in quite a while, and we’re really glad we played a tiny tiny role in helping her advance. This year will be no different (and in fact, we’ve gone bigger!), so we’re happy to announce details of our second competition, CHORDBLOSSOM KICKSTART.

// Main Prize

// A Photoshoot (Courtesy of WRAPPED IN PLASTIC)
// A Single Recorded (Courtesy of MILLBANK STUDIOS)
// Artwork for Your Single (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE PIXELS)
// 100 Physical Copies of your Single (Courtesy of THE STUDIO ROOM)
// First Play of your Single (Courtesy of ELECTRIC MAINLINE)
// Your Single Remixed (Courtesy of DOLLFACE DEVEREAUX)
// A Live Videoshoot (Courtesy of SERC MAPA)
// A Slot at Glasgowbury 2013 (Courtesy of GLASGOWBURY)
// A Professionally Written Bio (Courtesy of WRITE IT FOR ME)
// A Show Poster Design (Courtesy of OGOPOGO DESIGN)
// 500 Flyers (Courtesy of LOVE PRINT AND DESIGN)
// A Band Logo (Courtesy of JEN HINGLEY)
// A Full Website (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE PIXELS)
// A Domain Name and Hosting for a Year (Courtesy of CHORDBLOSSOM)
// A Month of P.R (Courtesy of TD-PR)
// £100 Music Voucher (Courtesy of HENDERSONS MUSIC)
// A Vocal Lesson (Courtesy of RACHEL AUSTIN)
// A Meeting, Advice and Q and A Session (Courtesy of THIRD BAR ARTIST DEVELOPMENT)
// A Live Show Photoshoot (Courtesy of THIS IS TECHNICOLOR)
// Full Day Rehearsal + Live Recording (Courtesy of AUDIO KITCHEN)
// A Slot at a ‘Transmit’ Show (Courtesy of PURE SAVAGE)
// Your Band Drawn as Zombiez + Feature in a Comic (Courtesy of UPROAR COMICS)
// Premium Distribution (Courtesy of ROUTENOTE)

// Second Place Prize

// A Single Recorded (Courtesy of BIG SPACE STUDIOS)
// Artwork for Your Single (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE PIXELS)
// A Video for Your Single (Courtesy of THIS IS TECHNICOLOR)
// A Copy of Addictive Drums (Courtesy of XLN AUDIO)
// A Domain Name and Hosting for a Year (Courtesy of CHORDBLOSSOM)
// A Full Website (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE PIXELS)
// 500 Stickers (Courtesy of LOVE PRINT AND DESIGN)
// A Vocal Lesson (Courtesy of RACHEL AUSTIN)
// A Photoshoot (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE SHUTTER)
// Your Band Drawn as Zombiez (Courtesy of UPROAR COMICS)
// Premium Distribution (Courtesy of ROUTENOTE)

// Third Place Prize

// A Photoshoot (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE SHUTTER)
// A Copy of Addictive Keys (Courtesy of XLN AUDIO)
// A Show Poster Design (Courtesy of HEARTFUSE PIXELS)
Your Band Drawn as Zombiez (Courtesy of UPROAR COMICS)
// Premium Distribution (Courtesy of ROUTENOTE)

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  1. […] musician I once stalked (no doubt), to contribute my biography writing to the main prize of the Chordblossom’s Kickstart 2013 competition. Click on the link and take a look – the prize was epic in proportions and I was chuffed to have […]

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