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Watch: Reevah – Weight of the World

by / April 5, 2020

A hauntingly relaxed tune that simply doesn’t wait for you because the lyrics start within the first 2 seconds like you’re already late. Derry-born Reevah’s [Aoife Boyle] latest release ‘Weight of the World’ touches on everyone’s daily challenges that we all go through all the while trying hard not to show any weakness, simply pushing on.

In this track, Reevah almost wants you to just relax, take stock and find strength in your ability to survive.

The water elements in the visuals and video all hark to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the character Ophelia who was ultimately driven to insanity by Hamlet and dies by drowning in the play.

‘Weight of the World’ is pitch-perfect and vocally dreamy, married to a beat that almost contradicts the heart of the song, an almost metaphorical churning of a stream’s ebb and flow.

Reevah has always composed her songs with elements drawn from her personal life, how much she reveals in this one, however, is anyone’s guess?

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