Exclusive New Sullivan & Gold Video

by / November 7, 2013

A Chordblossom exclusive for you all, Smalltown America‘s latest album release comes from Sullivan & Gold. To promote the release a special video session ‘Run Faster’ was filmed and directed by PIGMINTFILM and was shot in Ruth’s Bakery in Castlerock. The lovely Ruth even makes a cameo appearance when one of her regular customers stops by to pick up some cakes.

Sullivan & Gold release their new album on Smalltown America, ‘For Foes’ in the UK and Ireland on November 25th, 2013. ‘For Foes’ is an ambitious album focusing on a central character, who is reflecting on his life’s loves, losses and betrayals. Each track provokes new questions about the protagonist’s life and each is painted against a memorable, cinematic backdrop – from the beaches of Castlerock to the historic churches of St. Petersburg.

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