Although we mostly select the bands that we feature on our site, we love hearing from bands/musicians that would like to be featured on chordblossom. We are not a closed book, and we will entertain featuring every band across every genre. The only thing we’d ask is that you read below and send us the appropriate info.

// Music Reviews

Do you have a New Release that you’d like us to Review? We mainly review Albums and EP’s, however, with the launch of ‘The Singles Club’ section, we now review single songs. We hope this helps us cover those young artists who are just starting out and cannot yet afford to record a full album or EP. Please note, we cannot review everything we receive.

// Live Reviews

We have a decent sized team who are always mingling and schmoozing at some show or event. These people love live music and will always jump at the chance to attend shows when possible. If you’d like us to come and review your show (and often, we take photographs too), we’d ask that you’d give us a few weeks notice. We have rarely been able to cover a show that we were only invited to that day. Please also make sure that you can put our reviewer plus one (who likes to go to a show alone?) on the guestlist, as we are there to cover your band.

// Interviews

Do you have a New Release that you’d like us to Review? We are always interested in hearing new music from bands. We cannot review absolutely everything we receive, but we do usually get through most of it. Please send an email to with the subject title ‘For Review’

// Transmission

‘Transmission’ is our monthly mixtape that features 10 bands. We are always on the hunt for exciting and diverse music to fill these mixtapes. You can very easily get yourself or your band in contention for a slot by following this link:

// Introducing

Our ‘Introducing’ feature is open to absolutely all genres. We don’t care if you’ve just formed this year, or if you’ve been together for 20 years .. we want to expose as many bands to our userbase as possible. We’ll be making this a weekly feature, so there’s a great chance we’ll feature your band .. if you get in touch NOW!

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