Kickstart 2019 Finalists

by - June 19, 2019

We had real difficulty in narrowing down the initial entries for Kickstart this year and our panellists all felt the same trying to choose our finalists. As a result, we ended up with five finalists rather than our usual four....

Fresh Northern Irish Music

Watch: HEX HUE – Numbers

by - June 14, 2019

Katie Richardson’s name, face and undeniably voice will be well known to most with an interest in music in Belfast and beyond. A force within the music and theatre worlds, Richardson has shied away from releasing music since moving on...

Live Reviews

Sam Wickens Album Launch – 13 June 2019

by - June 18, 2019

The wet smack of my boots against the concrete stained cobbles belies the mood of...

Music Reviews

Dandelion Tea – Thank the Rocks for Catching Me

by - June 3, 2019

Dandelion Tea return on their newest EP, remaining as elusive as ever. A band known...


Interview: Phil Taggart

by - May 5, 2019

From initially playing bass in Colenso Parade to his current occupation as Radio One’s new music expert, label owner and gig promoter, there can be few better placed to offer up advice to budding musicians than Phil Taggart. Thankfully the...


Ward Park 2019 Artist Preview

by - May 24, 2019

Ahead of Snow Patrol’s third Ward Park extravaganza, we thought we would give you a...


Charity Shop Vinyl – 02/02/2019

by - February 7, 2019

Photos from Charity Shop Vinyl’s show in the Nerve Centre, Derry on Saturday 2nd February...