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Distillation 01: Jape, Ryan Vail, GO WOLF – 15th March 2013

Distillation 01: Jape with support from Ryan Vail and Go Wolf Friday 15th March 2013 – Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast Time for a quick chemistry lesson: Distillation is the process of purifying liquids by evaporating them and subsequently collecting the…

March 19, 2013

Thin Lizzy – 12th December 2012

Thin Lizzy with support from Trucker Diablo Wednesday 12th December 2012 – Limelight, Belfast 12/12/12 was a strange day for music lovers. While Paul McCartney headed up a strangely pseudo-Nirvana reunion in New York, the beer swilling aging rockers of…

February 9, 2013

Interview ⁞ Orbital

Orbital made their long awaited return to Northern Ireland last November rounding off 2012’s Belfast Music Week with a sold out show at the legendary Ulster Hall. Consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, the band have not played in…

February 1, 2013

Wonder Villains – TV

  It’s hard not to love the Wonder Villains. Almost like cartoon characters come to life, their strawberry bubble-gum sound inflates to comical proportions before bursting and sticking in your head like any good pop song should.  TV is probably…

January 4, 2013

The Singles Club #1

  Two Door Cinema Club → Sleep Alone → 3/5 As their much anticipated second album Beacon draws ever closer, Two Door Cinema Club have quite the reputation to uphold. The Co. Down three piece have sky rocketed to success in…

January 1, 2013

Scratch My Progress – Vol. 1

Katharine Philippa – Home Having released her first EP entitled Fallen back in 2011, Katharine Philippa has gone from strength to strength both musically and professionally. Anyone lucky enough to have witnessed the BBC Radio Ulster’s Great Northern Songbook, hosted…

December 15, 2012

Making Monsters – Making Monsters

After listening to their debut EP, it’s hard to believe that Making Monsters have only been around since the tail end of 2011. Considering their musical background, forged from bands like No Mean City and Hybris, high production value of…

December 15, 2012

Jee4ce – Gingers Have Souls

Northern Ireland is not a part of the world normally associated with fresh hip-hop, but in the past few years, the music scene has seen a number of acts. One such act is rapper and producer Jee4ce AKA Ronan Cherry….

December 14, 2012

RunawayGo – RunawayGo EP

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Five-piece indie rockers RunawayGO have every intention of taking the country by storm. Going so far as to make it their mission statement, step one of RunawayGO’s plan for world domination is to make…

December 14, 2012

Unquiet Nights – 21st Century Redemption Songs

I find it very hard to believe that ’21st Century Redemption Songs’ is the debut album from Unquiet Nights. Clean cut and polished, each instrument has its defined role to play, rather than adopting the wall of sound noise that…

December 14, 2012

VerseChorusVerse – VCV EP

Former ‘And So I Watch You From Afar’ guitarist Tony Wright returns with his new solo venture ‘VerseChorusVerse‘. Strapping on his acoustic guitar and warming up his vocal chords, it’s time for the seasoned veteran of the Northern Irish music…

December 12, 2012

The Jane Bradfords – 100 Miles of Broken Pavement

The Jane Bradfords are their own worst enemy. Between a critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, national airplay on the Beeb and even providing soundtracks for couple of TV ads, this Belfast based indie five-piece have only themselves to blame for…

December 12, 2012

Peter McVeigh – Lights

Peter McVeigh is no stranger to the limelight. Having previously fronted Belfast based band Eskimo Falls, Peter is clearly very passionate about his music and working with the local music scene. His debut EP Lights is a four track musical…

December 12, 2012

Tennent’s Vital Day 2 – 22nd August 2012

  Boucher Road Playing Fields have barely had time to recover after last nights gig, but it’s straight onto day two of this year’s Tennent’s Vital festival. Opening up proceedings on the main stage is Strabane hip-hop artist Gerard McDaid…

August 24, 2012

Tennent’s Vital Day One – 21st August 2012

  Those lucky local lads Trucker Diablo open the first day of the Tennent’s Vital festival having secured a support slot through the Tennent’s Untapped showcase heats a few months ago. Despite rain, thunder and lightening, the pit is generously filled with…

August 23, 2012