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Red House – Red House EP

by / October 22, 2018

Self-proclaimed “sharp four-piece unit” Red House release their debut EP, a three-track rock and roller that ticks all the boxes for any indie rock hopefuls. A strong guitar pedigree takes centre stage throughout, complemented by fierce vocals and lyrics brimming with hormone-fuelled poetry.

Rolling from their success at The Goats Toe Battle Of The Bands 2018, Red House has captured the live sound that makes their music exciting and mixed it with their recent confidence boost, writing an impressive inaugural record. As with life, the best parts of Red House’s debut are the simple things. Basking in the liberty that accompanies the unfiltered and uncomplicated, Red House fly free and straight, performing at a level that belies their debutant status. Riffy solos and booze driven ballads flavour the EP, drawing complaints of repetitiveness from those looking for them. How you cannot admire the blunt tenacity, however, is beyond me. Good guitars are universal, and I challenge anyone who argues otherwise for this EP.

The Red House EP has neither funk nor groove, but a dirty, pounding rhythm that so many in the modern age shy from. Instead of blues, there are only blacks (or red I suppose). A better writer would insert some witty remark about Red House replacing Rhythm and Blues with Riffs and Blacks. (Alas, I am not they). The strengths are undeniably the simplicity and universality of the tracks. which would fit on either radio airwaves or your private playlist without much resistance. If any indication of what’s to come, fans should be impatient for the next release.

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