#002 ⁞ ‘A Lot of Funk’

by / October 30, 2013

After a week of reflection Peter and I return with our second Chordblossom #Podcast’.

This week we chat about the NI Music Prize, Mojo Fury’s new album as well as a site round up.

If you’re a Musician/Band and would like to submit your music for possible inclusion on the Chordblossom Podcast; e-mail musicreviews@chordblossom.co.uk with the title ‘Podcast’.


12.30 ⁞ Site Round Up
13.45 ⁞ RE:Chordblossom
23.50 ⁞ News Round Up
30.55 ⁞ NI Music Prize | News & Reviews
44.00 ⁞ Mojo Fury – The Difference Between | Album Review
55.57 ⁞ PigsAsPeople | Live Review
1.07.33 ⁞ Rob’s Gig Guide


Vanilla Gloom ⁞ Lemons & Wine
Amidships ⁞ Oceans
Drenge  Bloodsports
Ed Zealous ⁞ Thanks A Million
Go Wolf ⁞ Voices
Jetplane Landing ⁞ Cheapskate Tricks For Worn Down People
Mojo Fury ⁞ Iris Influential
PigsAsPeople ⁞ The Art of Leaving Your House
Stormzone  Coming Home

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