Northern Irish Songs of the Year 2017

Northern Irish Songs Of The Year 2017: Part 2 (25 – 1)

by / January 8, 2018

So you’re here for the grand conclusion and great sum up of 2017. Frist we suggest you read and listen to 50 – 26 first and perhaps the opinions of the key players in the music industry here.

Ok with that out of the way, time for us to reveal our top twenty five Northern Irish Songs Of 2017. It really was a belter year for local music so put your feet up and enjoy some amazing music.

No 25 ►Glass Wings – Made For Me

No 24 ►Emerald Armada – Like A Dog

No 23 ►Strength NIA – La Floresta

No 22 ►Malojian – Ambulance Song

No 21 ►Reevah – Nights

No 20 ►Scenery – Fool For You

No 19 ►Lilla Vargen – Hold On

No 18 ►Brand New Friend – Hate It When You Have To Go

No 17 ►Arborist – Rules Of The Burial

No 16 ► Lauren Bird – I Wonder

No 15 ►The Wood Burning Savages – Living Hell

No 14 ► King Cedar – Hey, I’m Stephen

No 13 ►Silences – LA

No 12 ►No Oil Paintings – God Only Knows

No 11 ►Ciaran Lavery – Wells Tower Song

No 10 ►Sullivan & Gold – Break Your Heart Slowly

No 9 ►New Portals – Chasing Shade

No 8 ►Ryan Vail – Shadows

No 7 ►Beauty Sleep – Until We See The Sun

No 6 ►Rebekah Fitch – Not Myself

No 5 ►Bad Fit – In The City

No 4 ►ROE – Cheek, Boy

No 3 ►Joshua Burnside – Tunnels, Pt 2.

No 2 ►Ryan Vail & Jealous Of The Birds – Love Is A Crow

No 1 ►Rosborough – Burn Blue

You can listen to all the tracks from out top fifty via our Spotify playlist:

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  1. […] a superb hook and of course that voice. A bonafide classic, we were so impressed we named it our track of the year. In ‘Another Lesson’, Glenn Rosborough has released a worthy […]

  2. […] with a bang with ‘Burn Blue’ towards the end of last year, a song that we chose as our best track of 2017. Rosborough’s stunning vocals are at home under the dreamy bed of sound in the song’s […]

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